10 MIN BOOTY BURN without Equipment ( P2 )

Exercise #8: Fire hydrants- Straight Kickback

Exercise #9: Frog kicks alternating

Exercise #10: Frog kicks

Exercise #11: Glute bridge – normal

Exercise #12: Glute bridge

Exercise #13: Glute bridge-Narrow stance

Exercise #14: Glute bridge – Alternating leg raise

Exercise #15: Glute bridge-Hold

Most of us aren’t born with the gene of a nice butt but you can have one if you do exercises on it properly. Sad but truth that it takes hell lot of time for us to gain a sexy butt like her. If you don’t do it right, you won’t even have it no matter how hard you train. This short article reveals the real secret behind the reason you have a flat butt.


no joke guys, i’m on my third day of doing this workout and i’m already seeing a difference. my sister even complimented me and said that my butt is growing. my legs & thighs even look really good and thick !! but its not just the workout that’s making a difference, but also the food i am eating (more protein) and i do additional workouts that i saw from tiktok which also helps a lot. i’ll keep coming back here every now and then to update my progress, but seriously guys this workout is amazing, you’ll be happy with the results seriously 😭 πŸ’Œ edit: i got a few comments asking my diet/type of food i’ve been eating so here it is! i got told by my friend that her butt grew by eating these foods (whilst also doing daily exercises) – eggs, chicken, beef, nuts, yoghurts, vegetables & salmon! and of course, drink plenty of water! most of these are all high in protein but low in carbs which is good, and i’ve been eating these a lot everyday and it gradually boosted the growth of my butt! ☺️ you can always search up other foods if you don’t want to stick to my diet πŸ™‚ hope this helps!

Giselle I can’t be the only one who absolutely hates lunges with a passion… right? 😬

Abbey Gilbert cinstead of eating all the snacks during quarantine, i’m going to become the snack.

queen Done doing all these exercises in my head, feel so exhausted.

Brielle Neiman only took me a world pandemic to start working out

lotussu Doing this workout until this end of this month! I think but if I can keep going more than a month..

1/1/2021- I didn’t do the workout because I was searching my booty workout last night lol.

1/2/2021- I keep sweating a lot, my body feels weak and wanna give up but I push myself hard and also the frog kicks is reallyyyy hard. Yup I must keep going until result end of the month but I shall keep going! See ya tomorrow!

1/3/2021- My buttttt my everythingggggggg that related to hip or butt anywhereeeeeeee! It’s uncomfortable but somehow tiny bit of pain which I don’t mind. I was busy today but I somehow able to do workout at very late night. So everything is painful like yesterday and yes the frog kicks are hard like for example if my gym coach saw me doing a frog kick then she going think of stupid girl trying to do worm wiggle dance lol! See you later.

1/4/2021- I sweat a lot again but the frog kicks I’m slowly getting there and I think I’m half of not having hard time to be honest! I’m going plan what to eat carefully for tomorrow to become a everyday food to eat like since I keep eating random stuff which is not good.. I wanna lose weight and get that booty popping so I’m going add another workout for the morning like one for the morning and this one for the night! It feels good to workout kind of but I wanted more to sweat more than a lot you know? To get more result at the end of this month and see if my booty changes. Anyway see you tomorrowwwwww! πŸ˜€

1/5/2021- I did not find any other video is for me so I stick with this one and I check this channel more to see if there’s related of anything to the booty workout. I workout this morning feeling tired and my body feels sleepy like it wanna give up but I keep going and I made it! The workout feels good so yeah I will do this one tonight ^^

1/6/2021- To be honest.. It’s really hard to do workout on the morning and at night so I stick with only this video and do it at night. I had hard time trying not to eat a lot so I’m going look at my list of what should I eat a lot for tomorrow. Last night I did not workout because I passed out tired but I did little bit of workout one had 20 minutes which make me feel impossible so I just do the 2 minutes then walk around to relax then sleep later. I really have hard time to sleep. After I finished the workout I feel tired yes but not sweating a lot and I feel hot too. I don’t know what to do to get sweat back like I wanna feel more burn sweat so I can feel the result coming end of the month soon.. Any tips for me please?

1/7/2021- I did the workout at night since this morning I have to take a corvid test. The workout is hard but I don’t know why but my legs feels weak so yeah I’ll see you tomorrow.

1/8/2021- I sweat a little and I feel tired lol. I workout only at night and I think I workout almost a week? I don’t see much changes but maybe my body is different so I’ll just keep going working out to see result end of this month and hopefully it look very different and grew more! Also my legs I notice it became firm not jiggly jelly which is pretty good anyway see you next day! πŸ˜€

1/9/2021- I took this slow since I wanna relax a little so I did feel tired and sweat a little again. I like that my legs is firm but still want a big booty on me ^^ To be honest I wanna go to gym to workout more but I got no car which pretty much I stay at home workout! I enjoy this workout haha see you!

1/10/2021- I workout today! I got tired and feel hot but also little bit tiny of sweat. The workout feels good though anyway tomorrow here I goooooo!

1/11/2021- Today is my dad’s birthday and I did workout half on tonight and other half later late tonight! I did sweat a lot from the half but few sweat but tired face on the other half! Haha my mom’s birthday is also coming on 1/17/2021 and the guy I been in love with almost 2 years birthday’s on 1/15/2021 sooo yeah it’s a lot of birthday on this month! See you tomorrow πŸ˜€

1/12/2021- I workout this very late but hey I finished it! I got some sweat and feeling tired! Laterssss~!

1/13/2021- I workout today! same for yesterday of how I feel but this time with more sweat ^^

1/14/2021- I’m taking a break today but I will workout tomorrow so see you later!

1/15/2021- I workout todayyy! I got more sweat than before but I also smell stinky XD I’m weird lol sorry anyway I shall workout tomorrowwww again! Also the guy that I loved almost 2 years we talk today which is good I guess haha

1/16/2021- Workout is done! I feel hot back of my neck XD but also feeling tired. It helps me lose little bit of weight which is pretty good. See you tomorrowwwww

1/17/2021- Today is my mom’s birthday! I did workout and I feel good and going sleep early since I feel tired haha goodnighttt!

1/18/2021- I workout today and I almost cried when working out like I been doing this for a while I think? Also I don’t know what happened to my laptop like it been jumping random things to videos and stuff. I’ll have to type carefully now lol see you tomorrowww πŸ˜€

1/19/2021- I workout today! I will see you tomorrow!

1/20/2021- Done with this workout and see ya! πŸ˜€

1/21/2021- Got it done todayy! See you tomorrowww!

1/22/2021- I workout today! Man! I feel hot a lot and sweat a few! Welp see ya later! x-x

1/23/2021- Doneeeee! See you tomorrowwwwwww! πŸ˜€

1/24/2021- Dang! Times gone fast and it’s almost end of this month woooooo but yeah I’m almost doneeeeeeeee almosttt! XD

1/25/2021- I need today break like just one more break should be fine. Sorry ;-;

1/26/2021- I workout todayyy! To be honest my right hip kinda hurting me a little but it’s okay I’m still alive and doing good! I shall workout tomorrow! See ya :3

1/27/2021- Done! See ya tomorrow! ;0

1/28/2021- I finished working out today! 3 more days left then the result coming very sooooooonnnnnn! I’m exciteddd 0

1/29/2021- I almost didn’t have time to workout today! But I did it! See you tomorrowwww πŸ˜€

1/30/2021- I hangout with my best friend from high school and went to sailor moon cafe but I did workout today! Tomorrow is last dayyyy! I’m exciteddd! ^

1/31/2021- OMGGG Today is last day and I finished working out! My butt look…NOICE BIG and my legs look…NOICE FIRM! I love it! I don’t think I can workout next month which is tomorrow since I am busy a lot so I will come back in March for sure! I wanna get bigger butts so see you on marchhhhhh ;0

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