10 MIN BOOTY BURN without Equipment ( P1 )

Every exercise lasts for 30s.

Exercise #1: Pulse Lunge

Exercise #2: Lunge with leg raise

Exercise #3: Jump squat

Exercise #4: Side squat steps

Exercise #5: Sumo squat

Exercise #6: Abductor squat

Exercise #7: Donkey kicks

Next => Exercise #8: Fire hydrants- Straight Kickback

Lina Aly

No one litterally no one:

Her: works out with hair down and looks like a queen at the end.

Me: sweats like a roasted chicken and looks like a dying fish at the end

Denver Querino pov: In the beginning of quarantine, you promised to work out. Now you only have 10 days left before school so you have to force yourself a glow up

olaie Firetere

Chloe Ting: 15 seconds br-

This girl: “I DON’T KNOW HER.”

Liisa Jemima you’re here because you didn’t get the genes

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